Carol Rose Volpe:
Referrals are the greatest compliment in any successful business ! So remember to tell your family and friends about this wonderful group of professionals !

Dr. Boff has been a great asset to our family. I've been going to him for about 11 years. I first started when I was pregnant with my first son. I needed a tooth pulled and I was so nervous, first because I was pregnant and then because I thought it might affect the baby. Dr. Boff made me feel so secure and comfortable that after my tooth was pulled I knew he would be my dentist forever.

My husband and 3 children all go to him and we would never change to anyone else. Even though I am out of the NJ area, we go the extra distance knowing we have a great dentist.

His staff is wonderful and Adrienne cleans all of our teeth. She is wonderful and makes all the children feel safe and comfortable. Dr. Boff is wonderful with children, you know when the kids love going to the dentist - he is doing something right!

The M. Family

Dear Anti-Dentites (Seinfeld reference),

I just wanted to let all you non-dentist going people that as a former card carrying member of the Anti-Dentite club, that I had to resign my membership when I found the office of Dr. Boff  and Dr. Goujani.  Their techniques are so good that when I had a tooth extracted, I did not know that it came out!  They are a true family practice.  Not only do their children go to school with my children, my children actually look forward to and ask when are they going back to the dentist.  That says a lot when your kids want to go to the dentist like they want to go to the carnival!

The office is a close knit local practice that cares and believe me I know.  Dr. Goujani has come in after hours for me and my family on more than one occasion.  Also if a special procedure is needed, they only recommend only the best in the field of need.  The office is clean, the equipment is modern and the staff is the best.  No one would be disappointed in going to this practice for all their dental needs for the entire family.

Sincerely Yours,
Dave L. and Family

February 15, 2007

Dear Doctor Goujani,
I am writing to express my sincere thanks for all your dedication and expertise in the area of Orthodontics. Allison’s braces are off and her teeth look picture perfect!

From your initial diagnosis, to the treatment which followed, you were right on target with your assessment of each stage of her case. You laid out a 12 to 18 month plan which was followed as prescribed, and we have had excellent results.

The care and service that you provided to Allison was above any other that we have every received. You were genuinely concerned about Allison and her case and were happy to spend time with me, her mother, to explain step by step each stage of her progress, so that we always knew what to expect and approximately how long each step would take. I am happy to report that each stage went exactly as you said it would.

Both you and Dr. Boff provide the highest level of service and skill, and you provide it in an inviting, comfortable and friendly environment. You and all the members of your staff are always warm and welcoming and make my family feel at ease about a trip to the dentist.

Thank you for all you do to our entire Family.

Jodi H.

Drs. Boff and Goujani provide their patients with superior dental care coupled with warm and personable service. I have been receiving dental care from them both for years and very satisfied with the care I have received.
Alicia C.

Dear Banafsheh
I don't know where to begin, there's really not enough words to thank you. Your patience, perseverance, kindness, and professionalism is most appreciated. My family is very lucky to have you and Bob. The care and concern you both have is indispensable. I have The Utmost respect for you Both and Thank You From The Bottom of my Heart.
I wish the best for You an Yours Always.
Thank You Soooo Much!!!
Susan M.

The first person you interact with at Drs. Boff and Goujani's practice, whether on the phone or at the reception desk is Dee. She is always friendly and upbeat and sets the tone for a family like atmosphere.

Dr. Boff and Dr. Goujani are both very competent and always try to be accommodating. The dental hygienists and assistants are friendly and very capable as well.
As trips to the dentist go, it is a good experience. You always leave with a "SMILE"!
Donna and Mike T.

A Touch of Perfection
I , like everyone else is leery about going to a new dentist. A feeling of comfort and trust is the feeling I have when I step into the office of Drs. Boff and Goujani. General Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry have made me feel good and look good. Many difficulties in the past have been corrected and with the expertise, friendliness, warmth and care I receive when I go to the office have made my teeth healthy and my smile beautiful.

A.T. Mahwah

Dr. Boff and Dr. Goujani have created a relaxed family friendly environment in their dental practice. I had been going to Dr. Boff for a couple of years before I had children. When my daughter was ready for her first dental check-up, I didn’t think twice about bringing them to Dr. Boff and Dr. Goujani. She was a handful of nerves and fears but everyone was so kind and friendly she finally opened up. For the first time in my life I have been going for consistent cleanings and check-ups, this coming from someone who avoided the dentist at all costs. I even moved forward with Invisalign braces, which required many more visits and was thrilled with the results. Thanks to Dr. Goujani, my teeth are straighter, whiter and most importantly healthier than ever.

Dr. Boff and Dr. Goujani have definitely created a dental office that you feel welcomed in and do not need to avoid.

Michele F.

Hi all,

Just wanted to say it is a comforting experience each and every time I visit. This staff is a wonderful group and is a great reflection of Robert and Banafsheh. Keep up the great work!

Paul G.

Dear Dr. Bob and Dr. Banafsheh

Just a little note to say
THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR WONDERFUL WORK. I recommend your OFFICE TO ANYONE I TALK TO WHO IS LOOKING FOR A DENTIST. Your staff is FRIENDLY and PROFESSIONAL. I hope you know how much we appreciate you

Dr. Boff and Dr. Goujani

Love you guy’s
Lucy and Claud W.

Drs. Goujani and Boff are very patient and pleasant to spend time with. As one who spends more time in the dentist chair than I would like to, I should knew. They make the experience as pleasurable as it possibly can be.

They are very professional and I know I’m in a good hands. They should probably be given an Award for being patient with me. The same is true of their friendly and professional staff.

Dolores B.

Ramsey Family Dental has been caring for my family's teeth for over 7 years.  It is always a pleasure to walk into an office that knows your name, takes you on time, and makes you feel part of their "family"!

Keith, Michele, Alexander & Lara O.

I first met Dr. Goujani at the Dental School in Newark.  I was a little leery about having a student work on me but I needed extensive work and couldn't afford to pay the cost from an established dentist.

I was fortunate to be the patient for Dr. Goujani.  She was the best in her class.  She took her time to make sure everything was done to perfection and without any pain.

When she graduated I found out where she would be practicing and now drive 80 miles round-trip to be attended by her skillful hands.  I always tell everyone how painless her treatment is and how I never feel the needle when I need to get an injection.


Nicholas K.

Dr. Boff is my dentist for life. I moved to central Jersey 10 yrs. ago, but I still go to Dr. Boff.  The fact that I drive an hour and half each way to see him says it all. I couldn't go anywhere else!

Jamie D.

I have actually, enjoyed coming to the dentist since becoming a patient/friend almost seven years ago. I've watched your practice grow into this State Of The Art Dental Office.  I've brought friends and given referrals with confidence.

Coming to visit is not like "going to the dentist", it's like going to see friends. Everyone in the office makes me feel that way.

Keep growing!!!

Dan C.

I've been seeing Dr. Boff and Dr. Goujani for years.  I would recommend these dentists to anyone who wants a dentist who cares and does the best work on your teeth.

My hygenist, Adrienne, is kind and an expert at what she does.

Come find out for yourself!

Kerry S.

Always impressed with the care, competence and cheerfulness of all members of your staff.

So happy to have found dentists and their assistants who are so competent and also treat patients with dignity and kindness.

Doctor Goujani is the first Dentist I have been to in 12 years.  I had a VERY BAD experience as a a young child and never liked going to dentists. I was always fearful and anxiety ridden.

Of course growing up I would go to the dentist, but only every one to 2 years.  Then I had a train accident and due to injuries I couldn't get worked on.  I then stopped going for 12 years.

After I met my husband he told me to go to Drs. Boff and Goujani's office.  I kept putting it off and then finally after a couple of years I made the decision to go.  Since going to Dr. Goujani little by little I have had less anxiety about going and she has make me feel very at ease and comfortable. Dr. Goujani is very concerned with my feelings and truly cares

They have a wonderful staff, everyone is pleasant and nice, even the environment is comfortable.

I would recommend to any one to go to Dr. Boff and Dr. Goujani.

Renee' K.

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